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The company Yostar has announced the production of the anime Highspeed Etoile!

Highspeed Etoile: nuovo anime in arrivo - Kaleidoverse

It is an animated series developed as part of a cross-media project (music, miniatures, anime, game...). More information soon.

  • Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Sport (F1)

Synopsis of the anime Highspeed Etoile:

Rin Rindoh once dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, but she had to give up this dream because of an injury. After that, she became a NEET and a gamer who lives in her grandmother's house. But one day, she is suddenly thrown into the world of auto racing.

In the near future, where the latest technology has made it possible for vehicles to travel at 500 km/h (about 310 mph) safely. A next-generation racing event called NEX Race is born, which changes the world of racing. NEX Racing has an AI to assist the driver and features a "Revolburst" mechanism.

We follow the daily life of Rin Rindoh who makes his debut in NEX Race, and will further revolutionize the sport.