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The publisher Kodansha revealed that the manga Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui will end in 5 chapters!If there is no postponement, the last chapter will be released on November 16, 2022 in the pre-publication store Weekly Shonen Magazine in Japan. The Tokyo Revengers manga will make a total of 31 volumes.

  • Gender: Shonen, Furyo/Action, School Life/Slice of Life, Romance

Synopsis of Tokyo Revengers manga:

At 26 years old, Takemichi has the feeling that he has already missed his life. Living from small ungrateful jobs just good to pay the rent of a dingy studio, he laments the desert of his love life when he learns the death of Hinata, the only girlfriend he had... The girl and her brother were the collateral victims of a settlement of accounts between the members of a gigantic gang, the Tokyo Manji-kai.

Still in shock, Takemichi is in turn the victim of an accident that inexplicably brings him back 12 years ago, when he was in high school and gave himself the air of a bad boy.

What if this was his chance to save Hinata? But while trying to modify the future, Takemichi will find himself inexorably involved in the plots around the Tokyo Manji-kai and its charismatic and mysterious leader...

Announcement Video 2 of the anime Tokyo Revengers - Christmas Showdown :

Anime Adaptation:

  • Tokyo Revengers: Season 1 - April 2021 - 24 episodes
  • Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown: Season 2 - January 2023 - in production

The manga Tokyo Revengers by Ken Wakui started in 2017 with Kodansha editions and has a total of 31 volumes published in Japan (available at Glénat editions)